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Now Here  Calais  (2016)

The Weight of Ashen Soil  (2012)

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from Now Here, Calais Refugee Camp, March 2016 
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Hatton's images of the Calais Refugee camp productively contribute to a growing body of work in this area. They document the transition toward a sense of permanence that has grown out of the makeshift and temporary. His high-contrast, monochromatic photographs really push the documentary feel of the images, but by being unpopulated, their emotional weight is somewhat indirect. They are packed with detail and a sense of tragedy.

CLIFF LAUSON, Curator, Hayward Gallery
Tom Hatton's pictures have for me real presence and real purpose. They do a very difficult thing: they speak about the refugee crisis without cliché or sanctimony or voyeurism. They are conceived in an artistic rather than a journalistic mode that is nevertheless not aestheticized. I admire the way his voice is low key and that is what gives his pictures their quiet power.

KATE BUSH, Head of Photography, Science Museum Group